Mary Rand was born on February 8, 1951 in San Francisco, California. At the young age of 10, on December 29, 1961 she sang with the folk group The Limelighter's on "Run Little Donkey Run" which was featured on the album Through Children's Eye's. As a teenager, in 1963, Mary sang with the gospel group The Heavenly Tones. She recorded an album with the Tones in 1966, that was produced by Reverend James Cleveland in Los Angeles. By 1967 Mary was doing studio work for Sly and the Family Stone, a venture that lead to the formation of Little Sister in 1969. Little Sister, comprised of Vaetta Stewart, Tiny Mouton, and Mary Rand, appeared on Dick Clark's TV show American Band Stand.

Between 1971 and 1972 Mary Rand toured and recorded with major recording artists. Mary's debut solo album Butterflies in Heaven was released in 1973, when she signed with Shelter Records under Mary Rand / McCreary. 1974 was a busy year for Mary McCreary, as she released her second solo album on Shelter Records, Jezebel and she also recorded with Leon Russell on the album Will O the Wisp. In 1975 Mary and Leon Russell released The Wedding Album, followed by Make Love To The Music in 1977. Mary Russell released her third solo album, Heart of Fire, in 1978 on Warner Bros Records. In 1980 Mary accompanied Bob Dylan on the Saved Tour.


The Limeliters
The Limeliters

Little Sister
Butterflies in Heaven

Heart of Fire